Nadina Riggsbee

Founder and President

When tragedy upended her life in 1978, Nadina became the first true consumer advocate for childhood drowning prevention. Her tenacity—which has never wavered in the decades since her loss—has helped make childhood drowning a recognized hazard. She has been critically instrumental in changing policy, promoting legislation, and enhancing building codes—all with the intent of educating about childhood drowning and taking steps to reduce the toll.

Nadina is a hands-on advocate, unafraid to roll up her sleeves and get into the fight to keep drowning prevention a priority among childhood injury prevention efforts.

Dorothy Ann Drago

Vice President

Dorothy Ann Drago is a Product Safety Consultant, who specializes in infant and childhood injury prevention. She started her career in product safety/injury prevention in 1978—ironically the same year that Nadina’s daughter drowned and son suffered non-fatal drowning—when she joined the staff of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in Washington, DC. After working at CPSC for nearly ten years, Dotty formed her own consulting company in 1987. Studying at the Injury Prevention Center at The Johns Hopkins University, Dotty earned her MPH in 1995. She has authored several articles on childhood injuries, and in 2007, her first book, From Crib to Kindergarten: The Essential Child Safety Guide , was published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Her goal has been to educate parents and care-givers to give them the tools they need to reduce the risks of injury to children in their care.

Beverly Payton


Beverly Payton is the principal of Payton Communications, a boutique public relations firm for social good. In 1988, Bev's daughter, Alicea, drowned in her neighbor's unfenced swimming pool. In the years following Alicea’s death, Bev advocated for tougher barrier laws in Pennsylvania and with Nadina's guidance, Bev was able to get a barrier code passed. Bev also carried out an award-winning drowning prevention campaign for the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. In addition to her accreditation in public relations, Bev holds an M.A. in journalism from Penn State University and a B.A. in English from Arcadia University. Bev lives and works just outside of Philadelphia.

Charlotte Payton


Charlotte Payton's sister Alicea drowned in their neighbor's unfenced pool in 1988. After this tragedy, Charlotte's mom, Beverly, worked with the Drowning Prevention Foundation to pass a barrier law in Pennsylvania. This experience shaped Charlotte's career and her focus on giving back. Charlotte is a corporate philanthropy and cause marketing consultant who specializes in activating corporate cause partnerships through sponsorship and employee engagement. Charlotte worked at the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross in the Bay Area. She also worked at the Red Cross National Headquarters and Marriott in Washington, DC prior to moving west. Charlotte graduated with a B.S. in marketing and finance from the University of Maryland in 2000.

Kathryn Finch

Board Member

Kathryn is an aquatics director with almost 20 years of professional experience. She supervises and manages aquatics programs directed at more than 30,000 recipients annually. She is trained and certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor Trainer in addition to other water safety related training. Kathryn lives and works in California's Silicon Valley.

Rebecca Fish

Board Member

Rebecca Fish has a background in business and health care policy. She has senior operational experience working with some of the largest public and private organizations in the health care sector. She currently works at GlaxoSmithKline as the Executive Director for Vaccine Policy Affairs. In 2010, Rebecca created and funded an innovative program to reduce the incidence of childhood drowning by providing resources directly to pediatricians in Virginia. Rebecca is a member of The Washington Club, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the INOVA Fairfax Hospital SAFE Kids Committee, and the President of the Mount Holyoke Club of Northern Virginia. Rebecca has a degree in Neuroscience with High Honors from Mount Holyoke College and received her M.B.A. from Duke University.

Breyana Riggsbee

Board Member

Breyana Riggsbee has been an Education/Parks and Recreation professional for the past 15 years. With a Masters Degree in Public and Education Administration from San Francisco University, Breyana strives to continually educate communities on injury prevention and drowning awareness issues. Breyana works with youth and families of all ages throughout various communities. Breyana is an advocate for young children and their safety. She works closely with families, agencies, and community entities to ensure education and awareness regarding drowning prevention.

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